I Choose You, Baby!

There is a family I know….mother, father, a daughter, and a son. Both children were adopted as babies. We all have had many a conversation, including the topic of adoption. 

Many people I have spoken with often have similar questions about adopting a child: Will the child be happy? Will it have mental or physical disabilities? Will she get along with my own children? Would we tell her when she is little, that we adopted her, or do we wait until she is older. If we wait, will she resent us? And last, but not least, will she want to go find her biological parents? 

Two of the things my friends said about what they did when they adopted their children, are that they told them from when they were very little, and that they told them this: Out of every baby they saw…out of each and every one of the babies they saw, they chose them. “We chose you, to bless us, to teach us, to continue our family tree, to love you, to raise you… we chose you” I found this to be very powerful and utterly sweet.  

Every person, or couple, will handle their adoption how they see fit. I just want to applaud anyone who decides to take in any child who isn’t biologically theirs, to raise and love them, and give them a healthy chance at a good life. May your intent always be pure, and may your life always be blessed!

In honor of National Adoption Day I want to share this book with you, published by Barefoot Books. It is titled Motherbridge of Love


This beautiful poem celebrates the bond between parent and adopted child in a special way. Through the exchanges between a little girl born in China and her adoptive parent, this title offers a poignant and inspiring message to adoptive parents and children all over the world. Text royalties are donated to the charity The Mothers’ Bridge of Love, founded by bestselling author Xinran. This book was featured in Time Magazine’s Top Ten Children’s Books of 2007.


This is a beautiful book for anyone, children and grown-ups alike, adoptive parents, and those who aren’t sure if they want to adopt.

Please click on this link to be taken to this book on the Barefoot Books website, through my Ambassadorship. The Motherbridge of Love


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