Heart & Mind


I am really excited about this new activity that Barefoot Books is bringing out. It’s called Mindfulness Cards, and if you know me, you know it’s right up my alley! There is a set of fifty cards that have different activities children and grown-ups can do, to focus on the inner self. These are activities that help you and your child relax and be mindful of your breathing and what is happening in and around you.

Early this year I was humbled by the permission to guide Heartfulness Meditation. Although I don’t guide children through this type of meditation, I do the prayers and relaxation part with them. Most often it takes two or three days before they get into it, but I think that if we had activity cards, they would be interested from the first moment!

Although the Mindfulness Cards aren’t out yet, check the Barefoot website soon so you can grab a stack when they come out 🙂

My four-year-old child uses relaxation techniques and knows to breathe to calm down (even if she doesn’t do it every time). When she senses that I am unsettled, she tells me “Mommy, take a deep breath and exhale. Now do it five times.”  It’s funny, cute, needed, and I am super happy that we exposed her and her siblings to meditation and relaxation at an early age.

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