Summer Reading Camp: Sign Up Now! It’s Free :)

Kids love stories. Honestly, I love stories. It’s fun to mix up story-telling with made-up stories and fun books. Barefoot Books has a Summer Reading Camp that makes reading even more fun for your family and/or your classroom! A bonus awesomeness is that it’s free and as a registrant, you get a cool 25% discount on one purchase you make (Until July 31, 2017).

So, in July you could be a part of this awesome (and free) reading camp, get a nice discount for each book you buy, and…..and…for each book you do buy, Barefoot Books will get a tree planted. I can’t think of a better win than this. Well, I could…it would involve us coming to do some storytelling with live music, or you hosting a party in person or virtually so you can tell your friends about this, but all in all, it’s a winning type of situation!

Click here if you want to sign up for the Summer Reading Camp, or here if you want to browse the Barefoot Books website.

Peace & a Cool Breeze.


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