Reading Under the Baobab Tree

Herb the Vegetarian DragonThis evening my children (I have been feeling weird writing ‘my kids’ lately…like they are baby goats! LOL)…. my children and I were looking for books to read before bedtime. As I looked at the different titles I wondered if we had made an unannounced list of the best books we have; the ones we like best, at least. That led me to think that I should share with you the titles of some of Barefoot’s best-selling books! These are in no way all of them or even half… but they are a few of the ones I have used at home and at summer camps, and that ki… children really liked 🙂

Herb the Vegetarian Dragon

HerbTheVegetarianDragon_PB_W_1.jpgHerb is an odd dragon: He isn’t into eating meat. He prefers to eat his veggies! He somehow lands in the castle’s dungeon and we don’t know if he is able to only eat vegetables, or if he…ends up…eating……meat. Herb is quirky and funny and makes for a thought-provoking read every time you check it out. (Oh, it also comes in languages other than English).
IRA-CBC Children’s Choice Award Winner
Parents’ Choice Award Approved Winner
Society of School Librarians International Honor Book


Barefoot Books World Atlas


This is the most ‘tricked out’ Atlas a person can have! It’s SO cool & well-put together. And… you can find it at the App store for some Apple devices 🙂 The digital version is interactive and super fun!



Children of the World Memory Game


I decided to incorporate this game in some summer camp classes with 2nd – 4th graders. They had a grand ol’ time learning how to say ‘hello’ in various languages. I played with them and we used the game to encourage one another to remember where the match to our current card was. When asked by the program director, some of the participants said playing this game was one of the highlights of their summer camp! ChildrenOfTheWorldMemoryGame_3D_W.jpg


A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea


Funny story: One day my mum and I were out and about, and as the social butterfly that she is, she was chatting it up in Hindi with the person at the counter. As we are about to leave I hear her say in an Indian accent: “I thank you from the bottom of my heart and from my wife’s bottom!” and the two start laaaaaaughing! I was a teenager, so although it was funny I kept it to myself. LOL. Anyways….

This book is really fun! It comes with a disc that has the instrumental only, and the whole song with lyrics and all. It also is a bit of a memory game as you try to sing, in order, what was in the hole in the bottom of the sea first.

I do not wish to inundate you with many book titles here. There are many books for different age groups and reading levels. Now, just like some board games say they are for ages 6 and up, but your 3-year-old can play them, some books say they are for older children but younger ones can read them as well. You know the children in your life best. Just know there are many options of books, and games. As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Happy Summer!

PS: Remember in the month of July when you buy a book, a tree gets planted! 🙂

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