Low Prices to Cool You Down

Barefoot BooksGood day, everyone!

Before heading out I want to remind you of an awesome Summer Sale happening on Barefoot Books’ website. Please check it out to find the best books for you and the deals that may come with them! Remember there are books for children aged 0-100 and the games are really fun, too!

Some books are deeply discounted. These are only a few examples with which to get you started.

The Raiders ($2 until July 31)


As described on Barefoot Books

Leiv, Apuluk and Narua live a peaceful life on a farmstead in Greenland. But when Viking raiders arrive at their settlement, their quiet world is disturbed forever. The trio must rely on their wits, their courage and their friendship to protect their new home.





The Snow Storm ($3.99 until July 31)

thesnowstorm_pb_temp_w.jpgAs described on Barefoot Books

Leiv, Narua, Apuluk and Sølvi are ready for adventure after a long Arctic winter. Join then as they set off for Helluland (modern Baffin Island) with two dogsled teams. A terrible blizzard and a shocking kidnapping disrupt their journey. Will the four young travelers ever make it home?





Robin Hood (in hard cover) is on sale for $12.50



My Big Barefoot Book of Wonderful Words is on sale for $13.99


As a side note, I’d like to remind you that some books are written in multiple languages. Check it out here  🙂

Happy Summer!

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