Chelsi’s Mindful Kids Club ~ An Online Collaborative Event!


Happy Autumn, everyone!

I hope everyone is doing as well as possible. There is just so much going on…so many people suffering for so many different reasons. As heart-breaking stories emerge, so do heart-warming stories of humans heading to unfamiliar places to help their fellow humans & other animals, and people helping people locally, too.

This week we have a very special event, created out of two people wanting to keep bringing goodness, awareness, mindfulness, empathy, and literacy to children and adults alike.

Life coach, Mom, Wife, and Goodness-in-Life Promoter Chelsi Rasmussen is an agent of change with whom I crossed paths on Instagram (IG). You know how IG is: You get photos of things that might interest you in your feed, you like one image, it might lead you to another image, so on and so forth. Sometimes it feels like you are going down a rabbit hole and completely wasting your time. Sometimes, however, you end up meeting someone like Chelsi and deciding to collaborate to do something good together!

Please join Chelsi’s online event: Chelsi’s Mindful Kids Club by clicking here. Let’s improve our current human condition, together, and impact our children in such a positive way that they will want to improve things, too.

You can stop by anytime between Thursday, October 12th to Sunday, October 15th, 2017. This is an online event only, so it’s super easy to join! I will post suggestions for visitors, but if anyone has any questions you can contact me on IG or on

Online Event BFB.png

You can find Chelsi on Instagram as a_good_enough_you,  and I am on Instagram as SophiLovesLife.

A note from your host:

“Hello everyone! This is Chelsi Rasmussen.

Welcome to my Book Club event in helping creating mindful, empathic children. Check out all the awesome products to help us teach our kids just that!”

~ Chelsi.

BFB Bring a friend banner.jpg

So, save these dates on your calendar, and let’s create the change we want to see, together. We look forward to seeing you there! 


Photo credit: Chelsi Rasmussen

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