A Storybook Journey Through Asia

Good morning, world.

If there is anything I could suggest to a teenager who is figuring out what to do with their time and how to use the money they are trying to save, it would be to take that money and travel. For some of us traveling throughout our country would take just a few days. For others, a cross-country trip might take a couple of months. I have met people who have never left their city, and this has proven to be true both in the United States of America and in Tanzania; so it’s not just a third-world issue.

I believe reading books helps with forming the idea of travel; whether it be for leisure, humanitarian efforts, or business. Why not foster love for literacy, travel, altruism, and self-love from an early age?

Here are some stories published beautifully by Barefoot Books, that will take us through some countries in Asia:



Calm anxiety about death, ease the pain of loss and help start a dialogue about the cycle of life with this soothing picture book







Ravi’s grandfather is visiting from India! Listen along as Grandfather answers Ravi’s questions about his home, and you’ll get swept away by his captivating imagination.









Meet Lin Yi — a little boy with a big heart and a talent for bargaining. He wants to buy himself a red rabbit lantern at the market for the moon festival tonight; but first, he must buy the things his mother needs. Will he be able to save enough money on his mother’s needs to buy the lantern? This heartwarming story shows the practical use of math in everyday life and the rewards of putting others first.


Travel along the Silk Road with a multi-generational family from Xi’an, China, to where China and India meet. Along the way, you’ll explore China’s varied geography and discover how the Silk Road fostered cultural diversity a century ago.






Chandra and Deena’s family has a smoky oil lamp at home, which makes their baby brother cough. Then one day at the market, the sisters spot a man selling lamps that are powered by the sun instead of kerosene – and would be healthier for their brother! But how will they afford to buy one of the “magic” lamps?






The four books above are collections of tales from around the world, that include stories from Asia.

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Every month we have themed days at home. We find recipes from a foreign country, we find a movie from that country or the continent on which it exists, and read stories from said country, or continent. It makes for a fun family night and I highly suggest it! (Sometimes it’s good to have a backup plan for kids when it comes to trying different foods. LOL)

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