Where in the World is… & How Do You Say ‘Hello’ There?

In how many languages can you say hello? One? Six? Twenty-seven?

How about your knowledge of famous world structures: Can you name the city where the Eiffel Tower is? How about The Forbidden City? Where in the world is The Beehive?

Here are three Barefoot Books products I highly recommend using together:

  1. The Barefoot World Atlas
  2. Children of the World Memory Game, and…
  3. Cities of the World Memory Game






The Barefoot Atlas is filled with facts about countries and cities, oceans and seas, and peoples of the world. It is stimulating to the mind and may prove to be more engaging for children, than the old-school atlas may be. I am old-school in some ways (I miss house phones & children learning how to have a polite conversation with parents before talking to their friends), but I do appreciate this Barefoot version of the Atlas. 



The Children of the World Memory Game is one of my favorite games. This is because when I use it at a summer camp or other program, I ask children what their favorite part of our class was, and they all say it was playing this memory game alongside the Atlas above, or a spinnable globe. A person finds a match, say from…. Tanzania, we say hello in Swahili, we then find the continent in which Tanzania is and then find Tanzania itself.

This game is also particularly cool and useful because you can learn to say hello in more than 30 languages!

By the way, some adults have purchased this to use as one of their cocktail party games. Everyone has sworn it is really fun and funny! 





This following game, Cities of the World Memory Game, is also a perfect match for the
Atlas. In fact, we sometimes mix the cards so that we get to find matches of people saying ‘hello’ in different languages, and we also get to find famous world structures. It’s cool to find the Sydney Opera House in one game, and in the other game find the boy & girl from Australia who tell
 you they say ‘G’day mate’ to greet one another.


These three items are perfect for increasing global literacy in a fun way for everyone. If you have any questions please feel free to comment on this post, send me an email at barefootbaobab@gmail.com, or visit www.barefootbooks.com/sophia-neghesti to leave me a message and browse through the products we have. 

From today until October 15th you can also participate in an Instagram initiative to bring about empathy, compassion, and literacy with fellow Instagrammers; even if we are strangers. Please visit our weekend’s host, Chelsi Rasmussen’s Instagram account @a_good_enough_you to support her, and you can use this link to shop Barefoot through this event.

I’m thankful you stopped by! Have a beautiful day!



Cover image credit: Illustrator David Dean.

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