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Hi everybody! Sophia here!

After creating stories over the past few years, I decided to put just a few of them together in a book. Sometimes, when our kids ask us to read them a bedtime story, we reach for a book on the shelf and read them a known story. They don’t mind the repetition, as long as we read them a story.

Some times, however, when we are ready for the day to be over (so we can party hard, you know? With the children asleep in their rooms, and us parents asleep on the couch whilst a ‘grown-up’ TV show is watching us), we create stories on the spot. Some times they are 4 – 5 sentences long, but sometimes they evolve into full, book-length stories.

It turns out that the kids remember these stories well, and when we read them at our events, these stories are a hit! In fact, they have good messages of values and morals; they introduce real-world issues in a friendly & age-appropriate way; they introduce words in different languages, and they are stories to which our kids actually contribute (as they have in this collection).

In Sofi’s Short Stories we hand-picked four tales only! They are stories about animals and the setting is East Africa. Although they are animal stories, they hold lessons that are relatable to human beings.

For example:

Nyota the Giraffe speaks about trusting your instincts, the importance of our dreams & in us being ourselves, even in the face of opposition (from caring people and others). It also is about youth and elders.

One of the things that Saba the Frog speaks about is how sometimes we show our lack of understanding, by being mean toward what we don’t understand. We might not even mean to do it, but it affects us all so pervasively.

A message to educators: We have read these short stories to children in elementary schools, and they were very well received by both the students and their teachers.

Asanteni sana! (thank you so much) I hope you enjoy the book 😊

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