RUMY : It’s a Family Thing

Meet RUMY: Three siblings with a beautiful idea 💡

More than in previous years, in 2020 we had a lot of opportunity to create while hanging out at home. Some of the things we created in our household, were songs and music. Others were doll clothes, book covers, and face masks.

So it is that one day, our little Sophia said “Mom! We should sell these fabrics from Africa so other parents can make pretty things with their kids too!” Such a cool kid!

With this idea we created the RUMY kits

When I went to home to Tanzania I handpicked these fabrics at a local textile market. They are from Tanzania 🇹🇿, Ghana 🇬🇭, Nigeria 🇳🇬, or Uganda 🇺🇬 , and in Swahili we call these fabrics “kitenge” or “vitenge” (if it’s more than one.)

One activity that has increased because of lockdowns and self-quarantine, is the use of electronic devices. Right? For school, work, hanging out with family and friends… most of it became virtual. In our household we noticed how calming it is to be sewing and creating something together, all the while taking a break from electronic devices.

One of the reasons we love this particular idea and made it come to life, is because in addition to providing an activity option to others who might also want to take a break from electronics, this is a really cool way to connect to a bit of our African culture.

Message us at if you have any questions about the Surprise Kits or if you want to purchase some. They are Surprisw Kits because you’ll get two pieces of randomly selected & carefully packaged fabric. 💗

Oh, there are only 92 left!

Our son’s project
One of our daughters’ project

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