Foreign Lang & Art

One of the things we do, here under the shade of the Baobab Tree, is combine the learning of a new language with the creation of art.

Foreign Lang & Art class at One Columbia for Arts & Culture ~ Columbia, South Carolina

These classes are a lot of fun and make it easy for the attendees to remember at least some words. We also teach Kiswahili and Spanish. Each class is tailored to the attendees. For example, a class with mostly children may be different than one with adults only.

I wish I could describe how much fun we had in that picture! Each person had the choice of following along the themed art, or create their own piece. For Italian & Art we decided to draw a simple version of the colosseum; which, let me tell you…is not that simple. LOL! Everybody did a great job! We talked about important things like travel in Italia, il Vaticano, pizza (of course), gelato, how “WC” (dah-byoo-chee) is what one would see on signs for the toilet when in Italy.

Quick Spoken-Italian Tip: When you see a double letter in an Italian word, you say that letter heavily. For example… you know how pizza sounds like pitza? Right, and Pisa (where the famous leaning tower is) sounds like piza? If Pizza had one z, it would also sound like piza.

Allora…. Tutti (toot-tea) is not tuti (too-tea) and frutti (fruit-tea) is not fruti (fruity). LOL!

A bonus tip: All vowels in Italian make short sounds (A: Ah; E: Eh; I: Ee; O: Oh; U: oo)

If you’d like us to host an in-person or live Foreign Lang & Art session, head on over to our contact page and send us a message.


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