Barefoot at Bolles Schools – Ponte Vedra Beach Campus

“Can you say Book Beats?” Book Beats!

“Book Beats” Book Beats!

“Say go Book Beats go Book Beats Go!” Go Book Beats go Book Beats go!

“Teachers teach to reach to teach to reach to teach to, teach to reach your mind!”

🎶 🎶 🎶

Hi everyone! Habari? (That means ‘how are things/news?‘ in Swahili) I hope all is well.

Back in March we got to be barefoot at a pretty cool place. Well, I got barefoot; Don kept his shoes on. 😃

Barefoot under the (imagined) Baobab tree 🌳

Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, we had a complete blast! We were invited to perform at the Ponte Vedra Beach campus of the Bolles Schools. The students were so engaged and awesome! Even the teachers and staff danced. It was also really cool to have one of the parents present, clapping along, and watching us all do our thing.


Employing dramatic action, Don surprised everyone by coming in from off stage while playing the djembe; it was exciting to experience.

The unaccompanied playing of a djembe is called djembekan.

As students from various lower grades came in, we talked about things like…how sometimes when we don’t understand someone (or something), we can feel afraid, and act (mean) out of fear. We also touched on the topic of animal poaching; we spoke of means of communication through the use of ancient devices like the bull roarer; and we talked about the forces that rule life itself: like gravity, magnetism, and love.

Reading from my book Sofi’s Short Stories

We did all this through a mix of art forms like live music and storytelling, and through our ODDS program that lets us adhere to COVID-related restrictions.

The bull roarer can be heard and felt from over theeeeeere!
ODDS are…this will be fun!

If by chance the video doesn’t play for you, please click here:

Asante. Thank you 😊

P.S.: Hit us up on the contact/booking page, for questions or to book us for your event.

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