Carrollwood Day School: whaODDS going on here?

T’was a regular day in January; as regular as a day could be in the month right after the end of 2020!

We hadn’t performed live in a while, having moved our educational programs entirely online. CDC regulations for physical distancing were changing often and we didn’t know when we’d be taking the show on the road again.

Art class on Zoom

Then…..we received an email from Carrollwood Day School (CDS) in Tampa ~ Florida asking us if we would come perform as we had done in February of 2020.

Brother Heru and brother Don at CDS in 2020. Last show before COVID-19 (photo credit CDS)

This would be the first time the students got to be around each other (more than their own individual classroom mates).

This would also be the first time they would have a live, in-person performance since COVID-19 hit the world.

Furthermore, this would be our first time performing to a live audience, in person, since March of 2020!

It was such a special moment for us at Barefoot Baobab.

All the lower grades came to hang out with us as we started our ODDS. Check out the programs page for more information on ODDS.

Hey there, cousin! (2021) (photo credit CDS)

By having these soirées, we were able to create a dynamic and beautiful experience together, and the students (this never fails) were amazing!!!

Children attending our ODDS program 2021 (photo credit CDS)

We told origin stories from around the world, including a story from the people of the moon: Wanyamwezi (of Tanzania), and an original song about Cheddar Man. We went over other stories and topics, did a bit of singing and dancing, & had a super fun time.

Stories with a talking drum (photo credit CDS)

Thank you for having us over, CDS! You guys rock!

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