Eet Smakelijk! Bon Appetit!

If you read the title and thought: Eat Smack a Lick, know that you’re not alone. There are a few Dutch words that sound cute & fun, to me, as they state the words meant by the words we use in English to mean the same thing. Still with me? Good; at least one of us is.

Eet smakelijk means buon appetito, bon appetit, good eating. If you think about it, the times we usually smack our lips and lick our fingers (when dealing with food), is when we have eaten some good food; did some good eating!

I like the low country. I like that I do not stand out for being tall. We are here about the food, though, and I must say there are a few things that I strongly suggest you try when you go to the Netherlands.

First up:


Crispy…even crunchy on the outside. Round…sized to be held between the thumb and another finger. Piping hot…ready to be dipped in its accompanying gravy. Meaty…stuffed with juicy, minced meat (I am sure there are vegetarian options.) One of the more popular ways to eat a bitterbal is with a good mustard. Whatever your side, pop the whole bitterbal in your mouth & be ready to let some steam out. At least that’s how you’re supposed to eat it if you want to look like a local. At times I didn’t mind looking like a foreigner. LOL

Bitterballen & mustard are on the bottom right.

(The nachos are made with Dorito-like chips, and they were tasty, too!)

Next up is:


The drink is refreshing, light, and something to try while in Europe. I thought it was a Dutch drink, but it appears it is from Austria. An Erwin Klein made Almdudler as a wedding present for his bride, Ingrid. The website states the recipe involves a blend of 32 natural alpine blends, soda water, beet sugar and… love.

A warm welcome:

Cheese Plate….anyone?

Funkay cheese, other cheese, fig, cucumber, and bread.

A popular snack for guests both at home and at restaurants. You can easily get cheese from the convenient stores, with some good bread, and have yourself a snack. Albert Heijn is a good place to shop (for snacks & such) as it is available near most train stations and around town.

A must-have:

Friet aka Fries aka Chips

Mannekenpis has some of the best fries in Amsterdam. I have a soft spot for chips made on the streets of Dar es Salaam, but they are a different thing. A different experience, which I hope you get to have some time. The fries in this photograph are perfectly crisp on the outside, moist and hot on the inside, and served with a variety of condiments. Beware that the curry ketchup is rather sweet, and without warning it can kind of surprise you. You can ask for the sauce to be put on the side, and I highly recommend this.

Fries are popularly eaten by themselves, with mussels, or with steak.

How about something sweet?


Here is what you need to know about these delicious, caramel-filled, sugar-rush beauties. By the time you get to the stroopwafel kiosk, the waffles might already have been pressed that morning. The stroopwafel is gathered per order (unless it’s really busy & they make a few at a time, that fly like hot cakes) and if you get to hold it as soon as it is together, you’ll see it can easily fold over and come apart. So you want to count to 10…or 20 before holding one. Let it set a little bit. Then hold it like you see in the picture, or however you feel, and take a bite. I’m telling you… it’s sweet, but oh so worth it! #farmersmarket

There you have it! A little introduction to some snacks you ought to have when you go the The Netherlands. There is plenty more, but this is a great start!


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