Our Programs

What are the ODDS?

Host an Outdoor Drum & Dance Soiree: a face to face performance in line with CDC guidelines; assuring we do our best to keep the audience safe.


To read an article written by Carrollwood Day School about our ODDS performance, click here

Book Beats

This is our multimedia ‘edu-tainment’ presentation that strives to instill a love of reading, via the arts.

Our Griots (traditional storytellers) take us on an international journey of discovery. Through original rhymes and world folklore they invite audiences of all ages to explore history, science, and language arts. We are all a part of a global family and there is a shared story in our individual story.

“Taking the facts and the figures from dusty old books; presenting them to the folks, as dope beats and hooks.” ~ Book Beats


Foreign Lang & Art

Join us for a session of foreign language and visual art. We specialize in conversational Italian, Kiswahili, and English. The visual art component is guided (if needed) and up to each participant’s own speed. No judgements here. All art’s beauty is seen by the eye of its creator.

**Sessions are offered both in-person and on-line.**

Raja Yoga, Tea & Art

In this version of sip & paint, we create a chill and mystical experience that arouses the spiritual self through yoga of the mind, our selected music, and your creation of visual art. All this served with heart-warming tea.

**Sessions are offered both in-person and on-line.**

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